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From corporate life to interior design: changing career to pursue my passion

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Hello everybody,

this is my first post on a blog ever, and I thought the best way to start is introducing myself. So here I am….my name is Mariarosaria (aka “Mary”), I am the interior designer behind CPH interior design and I live in the beautiful Copenhagen.

Interior design and home decoration are my lifelong passions, however it has taken me a while to transform it into a career. In fact, after my MSc in Engineering, I have been working for several multinational companies across Europe, covering various marketing roles.

I am very grateful to those years, because I learned a lot about listening to customers’ needs, working in team, being flexible, managing projects. But, I still felt like I had to do something more, to reach a true fulfilment in my life.

So, when I moved to Copenhagen I focused on my passions: working at pro-bono interior decoration projects while graduating in Interior Design. When my first real client arrived, I realized that what was just a passion, had suddenly become an opportunity for a career pivot.

It has been a scary decision, but also the best I have ever made, because the contentment I feel for spending my time doing what I love, offsets all the fears and uncertainties I still have sometimes.

What shall you expect from my blog? Here I would like to talk about home design, decorations, interior styles, trends, my interior projects, and I hope to give you useful ideas for your home or answer to your burning questions.

Most of all, I would like this blog to be interactive, so if you have a specific question or topic you would like me to talk about, drop a comment below or follow me on my Instagram account

I look forward to starting this journey with you!

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Nice blog


Just came across you blog via the email newsletters I receive from the Interior Design Institute in UK. I would love to train as a interior designer but the courses aren’t cheap & I worry that finding work & making money once qualified will be difficult. Can u offer any advice? I’m 40 now and feel that I’ve left it too late. Perhaps I could just do a course for pleasure in order to do up our flat and see where they takes me? Which qualification/ course did you take and how has your experience been as a second career?

Replying to

Hello, please send me an email so we can discuss your questions :)


Would love to follow your blog, you have an amazing eye for design 😍

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