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3 GORGEOUS SCANDINAVIAN INTERIORS (and how to reach that look at home)

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Scandinavian style is one of the most loved interior styles in the world and I must admit, it is my favourite too. The clean lines, functional shapes, the soft colour palette and cosy vibes make this style timeless and applicable to any home. And since I got this incredible opportunity to live and work as Interior Designer in Copenhagen, I am fully immersed into this beautiful style every day, and I would like to share my experience with you.

How do you create a Scandinavian interior? What are the key elements to consider?

First of all, there is no single way! Scandinavian interiors come in all shapes and colours. From pastel colours palettes to black and white ones. From bohemian touches to Japanese vibes. Creating a Scandinavian interior is not only about decorations. It is mainly about creating a cosy and relaxing vibe, where natural light is maximized, and functionality plays a primary role.

I have selected 3 types of Scandinavian interiors that I love the most. They are the stunning homes of some of my favourites Instagram accounts.

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Photos credit: Instagram: @decorstudiodk |

This style is the quintessence of the Nordic design, fully embracing the Hygge philosophy and focusing on bringing cosiness in your home. I also call it, the “Danish way”, because it is very popular here in Denmark. These interiors are bright and colourful, with a strong mid-century modern influence. They are characterized by the large use of wood, colourful posters and ceramics and flea-market precious findings. The vibe created is joyful, warm and relaxed, with a hint of retro’.

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Photos credit: Instagram: @polkenstudio

Scandinavian style is evolving, and new materials, colours and vibes are taking over the classic standards. A new Scandinavian look is quickly spreading and becoming more popular, also thanks to the new collections from mass-market retailers like Ikea and H&M Home. This is the New Nordic style and I simply love it because it is so warm and classy. This style has a great Japandi influence, with a colour palette that is earthy and natural. Lots warm whites, greige and brown are combined with natural materials like linen, wood, rattan, and wool. Scandinavian pieces are mixed with low furniture, typical of the Japanese style. Accessories and decorations are minimal, with usually one only statement piece. Rice pendants are generally the focal point.

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Photos credit: Instagram: @seventeenandfive

This is probably what everybody has in mind, when thinking about Scandinavian style. This type of interior is minimalist, and it generally comes with an achromatic colour palette. Contrasts of black and whites are preferred over colours. A lot of greenery is meant to provide an accent. Sleek, simple furniture are surrounded by a large negative space, with cosy texture and materials like wool, Berber rugs, and throws to add texture and soften the vibe. The look created is very clean and sophisticated, but warm and cosy at the same time.

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So, what style is your favourite? Let me know in the comment below :)

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