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Japandi: a beautiful interior design style that is here to stay (3 steps to get the look at home)

The word Japandi has now become quite popular among interior designer experts and not. Japandi is the word used for mixing the modernist movement of minimal functional Scandinavian styling with the traditional cultural elegance that we see in Japanese styling.

If you're a fan of the Scandinavian design, I am pretty sure you know what the word ‘hygge’ means. Hygge stands for ‘cozy’ in Danish and it is the Scandinavian way of creating intimate, relaxing and welcoming interiors. Now, merge this concept with the Japanese elegance, minimalism, and cleanliness, and you create the harmonious marriage that is Japandi. Japanese and Scandinavian design styles work so well together because they are both rooted in simplicity and comfort. The union of the two creates a style that is clean and minimalist but warm and comfortable at the same time.

So, how to decorate your home in Japandi style? Here my 3-steps guide:

1) Use natural materials and a muted color palette

Japandi interiors are characterized by a warm and earthy colour palette, full of warm whites, beiges, and browns. Use the natural warmth of wood on large furniture, and natural materials like linen, rattan, paper and jutes on accessories and decorations. Then introduce natural accents with statement houseplants, preferably in terracotta pots.

2) Keep it clean and minimal

Japandi style is featured by minimalism and elegant emptiness. Reduce the clutter, and do not overload the eye with too many decorations or accessories. Create only one focal point in your room, like a rice paper pendant or a statement artwork.

3) Use low and clean furniture

The furniture style is linear and low to the ground. Use a modern style, with simple and clean lines, no fuss but classy and timeless. Choose quality over quantity.

So what do you think about this style? Is it something for you? Let me know in the comments below.

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