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How to make your small apartment cosy (on a budget!)

Hello everyone 😊, I have been very busy these days with the interior design consultations both online and in Copenhagen and I am very happy that I am having the opportunity to work at so many different projects, with different customers and diverse tastes. Every project is a dive into a new world made of colours and styles. And I learn so many new things all the time. So, this time I would like to write about one of my latest projects and give you my 5 key tips on how to transform a small apartment into a cosy oasis…on a budget!

When I met my client, she had just purchased her first 50 sqm apartment in Copenhagen and needed help to decorate it. She had a limited budget and wanted to use it wisely. Many people think that interior designers are only for the super-rich. But this is simply not true. In fact, after listening to her wishes in terms of style and colours, we had 1,5 hours session together where I gave her ideas on colours, materials and type of furniture that would have transformed her white apartment into a cosy Boho-Scandi oasis, without exceeding her budget. Here are some of them:

1) Use neutral colours and natural materials on the big furniture (like the sofa)

When the budget is limited, I always advise to choose a sofa with a neutral colour. This is because furniture chains and second-hand shops are full of white, beige and grey sofas, so you will have a bigger chance to find a quality, comfortable sofa at a reasonable price.

For this project, I chose an off-white sofa with boucle’ fabric from and a second-hand rattan chair from Beau Marche’.

2) Add colours and texture on the accessories and decorations

Pick your favourite colour and find out what other colours go well with it. Then unleash your creativity by adding soft throws, colourful pillows and pretty decorations to bring your colour scheme to life. And don’t forget to add patterns. Using for example a large, patterned rug will add softness to the room and build on the cosy feeling.

This is the mood board and colour palette I created for this project.

3) Make a statement

Create a focal point in the room. This can be a large pendant or a wall with a bold hue or a eye-catching wallpaper.

In this project I added a rattan pendant and painted the desk wall in a earthy and fresh green hue, Jotun Treasure.

4) Lose Your Headboard (in the bedroom)

Paint half of the wall in a dark eye-catching hue is a clever way to create the illusion of a headboard (without having to buy one).

The colour I used in the bedroom was Antique Green from Jotun.

5) Add a shelf with books and plants

And to complete the illusion of the headboard, add a floating shelf at the edge of the painted part, with some books, decorations and lots of plants. Using the vertical space is a smart way to increase storage in small apartments while providing more visual interest.

Would you like some help decorating your home? Contact me here and let's plan our free introduction meeting!

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